While the frenzy of moving our DHS Administrative Offices was in full throttle mode, two of our Sisters suffered unexpected physical injuries that laid them up for a few weeks. Finally well on the mend, both Sr. Fernande Laliberté and Bonnie Morrow were able to come to our new Center where Bonnie, our Provincial Treasurer, found her new office eagerly awaiting her arrival and Fernande, who resides at the Eliza Huntington Home in Norwich, found a queue of administrative office personnel waiting to greet her for her first visit to the new facility.

Since these two visits occurred on different days, the welcomes took on different characters, fitting the occasion and the individual involved.

Sr. Laliberté was escorted from one room to the next while receiving a full description of the use and purposes of each little or big nook and cranny of the building.

Sr. Bonnie was greeted on day one of her return by her colleagues and was promised an Italian style lunch in a couple days.

The facial expressions on the photos tell the tale of joy and comfort in ‘coming home’ again for the first time as well as that of gathering as a family/ministry community.

We await your visit to our Center at 508B Pomfret St. Putnam, CT. Kindly call ahead to announce your arrival. We will be more than pleased to welcome you.