“God so loved the world…” God’s love for us is great; it is in fact awesome. There is no way to fully measure this love. However, with our limited minds we can only try to fathom this love to some extent. Just glance out the window, or even better go out for a refreshing walk. Look about you. Register what you see and sense in God’s nature and among God’s people. At some point in the eternal vastness God created the universe with all the creatures and us humans in this universe. And WHY is this? It is simply because GOD LOVES US! God has had for all eternity this inexhaustible love for us, a love which is pure gift!

We are now embarking upon our annual Lenten journey. Lent provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon this great gift from our God. How do we react when someone gives us a wonderful gift? Don’t we wish to reciprocate with a “thank you”? with a gift of our own? But how can we even begin to show our gratitude for this great gift of love? Lent is a period when we can take time to show God our thankful love. We can do this in the way we choose to live Lent. This great gift of love which we have received is not for us to just keep for ourselves. We are meant to share it. Living Lent in the love of God should make us our Savior’s  “light bearers”. To truly return love to God requires that each of us in turn shares God’s love and loves all of that God has created – the universe, its humans and all its living creatures. If we are fully serious about living in God’s love and spreading that love, imagine what a beautiful gift we will have to give our loving, saving God on Easter!

Please feel free to address your comments and personal thoughts on this topic to Sister Marian St. Marie at marianst.marie@gmail.com.


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