A delightful part of any important celebration has always been the partaking of some kind of food or meal. So it was with our Province celebration of Catholic Sisters’ Week. The Provincial invited the local DHS to come to our Center on Wednesday of Catholic Sisters’ Week for breakfast at nine.

As one entered the building shortly before the golden hour, there was no room for doubt that this was the place. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee, a delight unto its own, merged wonderfully with the beckoning smell of fresh homemade waffles and that of delicately prepared quiche. Appetites were awakened and taste buds sharpened as the large bowl of perfectly cut fresh fruit caught one’s eye.

Greetings of thanks and best wishes to all Sisters present for their years of service in the many varied apostolates represented resonated throughout the dining room. Soon everyone was seated or waiting in line to place each scrumptious-looking morsel on their plates.

As soon as everyone was settled, Sr. Gertrude offered grace thanking our good God for the gift of each person in the room, for their service to the Church, God’s people, the Congregation and to one another over the years, and, of course, for the food the group was about to enjoy.

The smiles were noticeable between bites and sips of coffee, the conversation light and energizing. It was obvious that this truly was a simple yet meaningful event; it was obvious also that those present appreciated the moment of recognition and of mutual support; it was obvious that it was an excellent idea to breakfast together in celebration of lives dedicated to leading so many to ‘life to the full’;  it was so obvious that we all look forward to next year’s Catholic Sisters’ Week.

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