Temperatures in the forties is not exactly what one expects for a Memeorial Day celebration; howwever, in New England it can often be par for the course.

In spite of the oBvious chill in the air and sprinkles on all surfaces, the spirits of those in attendance at the Chicken barbecue at the DHS Center were not in the least dampened.

The aroma of chicken on the grill lit up everyone’s expression as the guests made their way into the dining room where a cook out had been converted to a cook-in. Sr. Lesley, our grilling expert, tended to the savory chicken to assure that melt in your moth texture while Srs. Gertrude, Janet and Jeannine assured that the serving tables were appropriately decorated and that the side dishes were set in some kind of logical order for easy service.

A short prayer blessing the food, guests and remembering the deceased who had served the USA in the armed forces launched the congenial and hearty feast. It was great to be able to sit together without masks and to exchange stories, share photos and talk about future plans . Indeed freedom to ‘roam around the cabin’ was clearly appreciated and recognized by all since the tradition had to be halted last year in deference to Covid-19.

Once again there was a common expression of gratitude to God for this wonderful opportunity to spend time together enjoying the fruits of the land and of the season, corn on the cob watermelon and, of course, Sr. Gertrude’s home made ice cream sandiches. Sharing at so many levels is truly what the DHS Family is all about, and share we did. Now it is on to summer and to whatever surprises it may hold for all of us.

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