Diane, Sandy and Paulette

The USA Province of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit welcomed three new Associate members on Sunday, June 13th during a simple yet impressive ceremony.

It was wonderful to find our assembly room bustling with Sisters, Associates and their families hugging and exchanging lively greetings after the long pause of Covid 19.

After  listening to warm congratulations and prayerful wishes from international administrative and Associate groups the assembly joined in prayerful listening to Gospel readings reminding all present that Love is indeed the standard by which we should all set our life compasses.  Then, in turn, each new Associate expressed her Covenant, that is, the reason for choosing to become a member of the Associate Branch of the DHS.

After signing their Covenants in the presence of the Provincial Team leader, each new member, Diane Cooney, Sandra Mello, Paulette Wlaszkiewicz,  received a symbol of her commitment, blessed earlier that same day. Fitting recognitions were then offered to those who played a special role in this event and in the Associate group. The ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Sr. Marian St. Marie, Advisor to the East Coast Associates until her unexpected passing into life eternal last October.

A roaring round of applause fittingly topped off the ceremony as family members, Sisters and many other Associates celebrated the event with a huge variety of mouth watering goodies.

The lyrics to the opening song speak clearly the desire of our Associates to walk side by side with the Sisters to bring the charism’s message of love and sharing at all levels to all we encounter. “We are one in the Spirit; we are one in the Lord…and they will know we are Christians by our love.”

For more information about our DHS Associate Branch/Program see our site drop down OUR CURRENT PROFILE  or e mail us at devofdhs@yahoo.com.

Paulette signs her covenant.

Diane receives a corsage.

New Associates receive symbols of their commitment.

Sandra Mello reads her covenant.

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