A General Chapter, the congregation’s highest authority, is now in progress.

After being postponed from the spring of 2020 to the summer of 2021 because of Covid-19, Daughters of the Holy Spirit from 4 continents are presently gathering in Brittany, France, the area of France where the Congregation was founded in 1706.

The Daughters hold a General Chapter every 6 years to assess the state of the Congregation and to plan for the future.

Delegates are elected from the grass roots and join the leadership teams from each province or vice province to share at many levels and to discuss the best ways to confront current and potential challenges. A strong attitude of prayer for the ongoing guidance of the Spirit imbues the entire process.

We invite you to go to our international website (fillesdustesprit.org) or simply click here. You will find photos to illustrate some of the more important activities at the Chapter so far. There are daily updates available so remember to visit the site each day until mid-August. You may choose to read the articles in English, French or Spanish.

We do ask all of you to keep the Chapter in your prayer intentions. The Chapter ends in mid-August and then the implementation of decisions/orientations will start to take flesh. This is clearly a time when we realize full well that the past and the present may be ours, but that the future indeed belongs to God. Let us be open to that divine inspiration.

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