‘Twas the day after Christmas and to Philip Lane they would come…sisters, consecrated seculars, associates and lay folks, to celebrate their DHS Family holiday spirit.

No stockings were hung but tables were full of crackers and cheese and fudge, cookies and punch.

The smiles were abundant, the conversation great; the grab bag gifts were plenty to each guest satiate.

The annual gathering was on, and all sat and rejoiced that Sisters Lesley and Marie Pauline had baked and planned and wrapped.

Each came with a hug to give and to take; against covid all were boosted, make no mistake and the goodies were super from the fudge to the cake that helped brighten the day and make everyone feel that Family is special at this time of year.

No cares nor concerns crossed the threshold that day and as everyone left they were heard to say:

Thank you for the treats and the companionship too,  our day was so special and our Christmasing too because of your kindness and thoughtfulness too.

And as peace and glad tidings filled our hearts to the full, we returned home quite merry in echoes of Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

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