February 23rd found the DHS community join other residents at St. Joseph Living Center to exhibit their bowling skills and at the same time raise money to support the No Freeze Shelter in Willimantic, CT.

The activity was sponsored and organized by the Pastoral Care and Recreation Staff at SJLC who prepped the residents, set up the equipment and the bowling alleys and encouraged families and friends to donate money in support of their family member or favorite bowler.

The contest itself was simple. For each pin felled by the resident bowler money from the donated funds would be contributed to the Shelter.

Needless to say the affair stimulated loads of enthusiasm among the DHS community whose charism is to ‘help those in need’. Facial expressions, body language and words vividly expressed the fun spirit that prevailed among the residents.

The hallways at the facility are still buzzing with echoes of this successful event as talk of improvements for next year is also exchanged.

Donations to this worthy cause are accepted all year long and checks should be made payable to  ‘Windham Region No Freeze Shelter’ and may be mailed or handed to Sr Michele Bisaillon or other member of the Pastoral Care or Recreation Staff at SJLC.

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