On Saturday, June 25th, a representative group of Associates from the east coast planned and carried out a lovely, simple yet meaningful reception for Sister Anne-Marie Foucher, previous leader of the DHS Congregation Team.

Sister spent the last year in Canada following refresher courses after finishing two mandates as Superior General in Brittany, France.

The Associates had planned a tea with their guest in December when she was supposed to come to Connecticut for Christmas break. Covid and its effect on international travel put a kibosh on those plans. But the Associates were bound and determined to profit from the new opportunity to honor a long-time friend.

Cupcakes and cold beverages provided the impetus for smiles, warm embraces, lively conversation and photo taking.

Time flew by and a bittersweet adieu was heard time and time again throughout the Grande Salle. Invitations and promises to meet again were offered on both sides as everyone expressed gratitude to one another and to the Spirit who has allowed tight bonds to be crafted from solid beginnings.

Adieu Anne-Marie and thank you for sharing your valuable time, insights and plans with us. Till we meet again may you be blessed in every way possible.

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