On Sunday, October 2, Helen Keller came to life through the efforts of the multitalented Sheryl Fave, at the Holy Spirit Administrative Office Center in Putnam, CT.

Faye, who also presents the lives and achievements of other famous women, walked and talked the good sized crowd through the life of Helen Keller who with the help of her able mentor Annie Sullivan, overcame her blindness, deafness and inability to speak to go on to live a productive and happy life.

Using simple props, appropriate costumes, a clearly narrated text and her acting talent, the presenter brought Helen to life and made the audience feel and believe that Keller was truly present in the room inspiring and touching the hearts of all in attendance.

The program was offered by the DHS East Coast Associates as a fund-raising activity to support their annual programs and charitable donations.

More information about Sheryl Faye’s “Historical Women” program is available on her website at www.sherylfaye.com.

For more information about the DHS Associates please contact Pat Krodel, codiretor, at pepkrodel@yahoo.com or co director Muriel Bingham at murielbingham@sbcglobal.net.

The Associates thank all who participated in this important event. Special accolades to those who provided raffle baskets and door prizes and to everyone who helped sell tickets and to tend to details and hospitality on the day of the presentation.

Hopefully the photos will transmit the spirit that filled the gathering room on Sunday.

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