December 8th, 2022 dawned as a beautiful dry and sunny Thursday morning, a sure sign that this special day, 316 years as a congregation, in the life of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit would be superb.

Needless to say, Sr. Gertrude and her Team spent a good deal of time preparing this celebratory affair, tending to catering, mass celebration, invitations, decorations, etc.

The gathering began at 10:45 and everyone came ready to honor Mary, their patroness, under the title of the Immaculate Conception. The liturgy was offered by Rev. Ed Dempsey, a longtime friend of the Sisters. His homily presented the questions and mysteries surrounding this feast and recognized the Sisters’ particular devotion to Mary. Vows and Covenants were renewed by religious, consecrated seculars and associates as part of the mass celebration.

The liturgy was followed by a catered dinner featuring roast pork and all the seasonal sides. Dessert was a unique treat in so far as all the pies were made by the Sisters and offered a wide variety to suit everyone’s palate and taste buds.

This get together was another occasion to celebrate the multifaceted members of the province in all their diversities recognizing the work of the Spirit in calling women and men in different ways to bring glory to our God and to be Christ to so many.

There was no doubt that each person in attendance entered into the spirit of the moment at every phase of this gathering. It was difficult to leave this awesome place of joy and peace, and it was obvious that the words of the recessional song were reflected in everyone’s heart as we returned to our daily routines: “My soul proclaims the greatness of God and rejoices in God, my Savior.”

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