Daughters of the Holy SPirit

Every year at this time the world is invited to celebrate Catholic Sisters Week in honor of religious women throughout the world who have dedicated their lives to the service of others as they live out the charisms of their various congregations.

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the Putnam Province decided to honor this special occasion by hosting a gathering that included a prayer service that incorporated a time of sharing memories highlighting a religious who had made a clear impact on the lives of the participants. There was also time for praying and singing about why Religious do what they do.

A lovely yet simple reception featuring various beverages, homemade and specialty bakery items as well as fresh fruit followed. There was much socialization among the DHS and their invited guests who filled the large room with joy, warm camaraderie and expressive laughter.

Following a tradition that goes back to the early days of celebrating CSW, a collection bowl was circulated and the guests were invited to make donations to an anti-gun violence support group.

As the celebration or “afternoon tea” came to an end and the Sisters were heading home, many comments of gratitude, of fun and of satisfaction were heard. Sisters hugged, offered springtime and Easter wishes and expressed how much they were already looking forward to returning next year to be a part of the international celebration of Catholic Sisters Week when they would once again remind one another of “why they do what they do”. (A Language of the Heart by Kathy Sherman, CSJ

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