Earth Day 2024

In honor of EARTH DAY 2024 the Daughters of the Holy Spirit held a province gathering featuring guest speaker Mr. John Horgan from Win-Waste Innovations to share data on ‘plastics’ and recycling.

Sisters Michèle and Janet co-hosted the well-attended event and nested the fact-filled hour and one half in a prayer context that served as a gentle reminder that all of us are called to protect the environment and to offer a legacy of clean air and waterways to the next generation.

Underlining the misuse and careless discarding of plastics were videos, charts, facts and more facts along with a clear presentation of what recycling of plastics and other culprits of pollution entails.  Mr. Horgan and his assistant provided first hand experiences with sorting of plastics and other trash.

While much progress has been made, the duo indicated that there is still much to be done across the world to clean up our planet and our oceans and to improve its overall health as we move into the future.

There was built-in time for table discussion and general assembly questions and answers. Various suggestions for slowing down the contamination of earth, including choices of non-bottled laundry detergents were expressed.

Sr. Janet closed the assembly by reminding us that each one of us needs to be committed to saving our planet NOW and to be willing to work with others 24/7/365 NOW if we indeed want to make a difference.

The assembly adjourned to a pause and refresh moment using, of course, recyclable utensils and crockery.

More information may be obtained from the DHS Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation Committee and from Sister Janet Lewis at

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