On the steamy HHH day of Monday, July 8th a large group of Sisters, Secular Branch members and Associates gathered at our Administrative Center in Putnam to hone their skills of caring for individuals and groups that are treated unfairly at local and other levels. The session included introductions and small and large group interaction.

Representing the Collaborative for Justice in Connecticut were Kim Okeke and Teran Loeppke who took turns presenting procedures and explaining objectives for this meeting. In the end the large group was divided into two groups who then engaged in lively discussions about priorities and each group’s expected outcomes at the legislative levels. Much to the chagrin of many participants there were no definite conclusions except for the fact that it is vital to continue pursuing more just solutions to ongoing and even growing areas of concern at all levels.

The DHS has been a participating member of the Collaborative for Justice Center since its foundation in 1996. It has been an ongoing vehicle for the Sisters to grow their awareness of justice issues and to involve themselves in seeking solutions and working as part of a network that can effectively help make the world a safer and more equitable/respectful place for all.

The photos show the presenters addressing and interacting with the attendees.

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