Well over 100 years ago a handful of Daughters of the Holy Spirit were missioned to All Hallows Parish in Moosup, CT to accept the administration of a parochial school.

Over the years the parish profile was modified to meet the needs of the times, and the Sisters adapted these changes, even to the closing of the school in the mid 2000’s. They had grown to know and to love the parishioners and wanted to stay in their midst to accompany them on their Christian journey.

So it is that we find 4 Sisters at All Hallows Convent who have been in the parish for an average of 15 years each and who continue to find ways to SIR, that is, serve in retirement. The Sisters – Blanche Cadotte, Irene Charpentier, Caroline Devinez and Thérèse Vanasse, look forward daily to alternating as Eucharistic ministers and lectors. They also continue a long DHS tradition of visiting shut-ins and offering them the Blessed Sacrament, guidance and a lot of good conversation.

In a recent interview, Sr. Blanche said how much they loved and respected the people of the parish and how the parishioners, in turn, loved and appreciated the presence of the Sisters in their midst. Sunday mass is usually followed by a ‘catch up on the week’ session between the Sisters and the large congregation.

Sister Vanasse has taken on the responsibility of collecting food for the local PIN program and assures its delivery to the pantry where it is distributed to people in need regularly. She also participates in the serving of weekly meals in the former school cafeteria.

All 4 Sisters also visit local nursing homes including St. Joseph Living Center in Windham where a good number of DHS are in residence.

When not involved at All Hallows, Sr. Caroline volunteers to help disabled individuals over the State line in Rhode Island and Sr. Irene offers her pedagogical skills to students and staff at Sacred Heart School in Taftville three days each week. Sr. Blanche was quick to mention that she belongs to the Senior Choir of Plainfield and enjoys interacting with her co-singers and entertaining in the area.

It is obvious in speaking with these high energy, full of vim and deep spirituality Sisters that they remain passionate about SIR believing full well that this is their way, at this moment in time, of living the DHS charism of reaching out to others and sharing with them the eternally young and dynamic spirit of Christ.

For more information feel free to contact them at 860-564-5409. Who knows, they may convince you to join them in SIR.

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