The electrical feeling in the room gave the impression that indeed the Holy Spirit had descended upon each one and the buzz that was heard expressed the urgency and the joy of sharing the message that it is time to ‘renew the face of the earth’.

This intense experience was lived and transmitted through hugs, warm greeting and heartfelt wishes for a blessed and happy feast day for the Family of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the Putnam Province.

The occasion was the culmination of a long period of preparation during which 4 women: Kim Lamoureux, Rev. Lin McGee, Patty Langer, Sharon Leighton, discerned their response to the call of the Spirit to incorporate and to live the charism of the religious congregation on a daily basis, to make this way of living an integral part of their lives at all levels.

The ceremony, presented in the context of the Pentecost liturgy, included the explanation of each one’s call and desire to respond to that call through a covenant, the formal signing of the register, the conferring of the official Associate symbol and the laying of hands in prayer over each new member.

The liturgy and the covenant ceremony were followed by a refreshing and delicious luncheon that afforded the opportunity for one and all to congratulate the new Associates, to welcome them heartily and to rejoice together in new friendships and in honoring, strengthening and celebrating traditions and the hope of the future.


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