At Pentecost, Christians celebrate the day when Jesus’ disciples received the Holy Spirit, in the form of tongues of fire. The Book of Acts tells of the disciples speaking in tongues. (Acts 2:11)

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the gift of God. It is the Holy Spirit who enables people to behave as good Christians. The Holy Spirit is God’s breath, God’s life, and it is this Life that Jesus promised us

before going to his Father. The goal of the Christian life is to let God breathe in us, so that in the end, God and us, are in perfect communion of heart.

Every year we celebrate Pentecost in the hope of experiencing this communion of the heart.

What is our mission?

The Holy Spirit sends us to announce the wonders of God. We have the mission to protect and care for all that God has placed at our disposal. The encyclical Laudato Si calls us even more strongly to this care for all of creation.

The international Laudato Si commission aims to help us become aware of our responsibility to live an ecological Pentecost, to achieve a balance between the human and Earth and become more like our Creator. The Commission has created a prayer experience entitled “Toward an Ecological Pentecost”. The 13 min video may be found on our YouTube page Daughters of the Holy Spirit USA or by clicking the link below. We want to thank Sr. Marilou Iway, DHS for her video expertise.

Let us live attentive to the Spirit’s voice and docile to the Spirit’s calls. RV art 39

Sr. Delphine Maigoni, FSE
Laudato Si Commission

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