August 10th dawned as one of the most beautiful days of summer.  Bright sun, dry air, gentle breezes afforded the perfect setting for a celebration.  And celebrate the Daughters indeed did.

The chapel at St. Joseph Living Center in Windham filled to capacity as Sisters, Consecrated Seculars and Associates gathered to honor the 50th anniversary of religious life of Sr. Anne-Marie FOUCHER, Superior General of the Congregation of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit.  Sister was in the USA to attend an LCWR meeting and profited from her time here to visit our new Administrative Offices and the Sisters in the greater Putnam area.

The liturgy was celebrated by ‘honorary DHS’ Rev. Laurence LaPointe who was also guest homilist.  Readings and intercessory prayers were offered by a member of each Branch of the Congregation while music was provided by Marie Pauline Guillemette and Marion Pepin, DHS.

The Religious, Consecrated Seculars and Associates renewed their vows and covenants immediately following the homily. The guest of honor shared her message of deep appreciation following communion, and after the final blessing, all enthusiastically lifted their voices to close the ceremony with the old traditional profession song: “O jour le plus beau de ma vie”.

More hugs and congratulations were exchanged enroute to the recreation center where refreshing beverages and goodies of all kinds awaited the bustling crowd.  A beautifully decorated cake graced the serving table while staff from St. Joseph were eagerly waiting to assist attendees.

It was obvious that a great time was had by one and all as they enjoyed the tasty delights, including special cookie/candy treats from Brittany, chatting with friends and having the chance to personally congratulate the “General” on her jubilee.  No doubt many memories were made that afternoon that will live on for years to come in the individuals in attendance and in the history of our Province.  The following photos help us capture the specialness of this celebratory moment.  Enjoy!

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