The second Sunday in September dawned sunny and warm in northeastern Connecticut, a perfect setting for a high school reunion.

As the grandfather clock in the lobby of Hank’s Restaurant in Brooklyn, Ct struck 12:00 noon, car doors swung open in the lot and eager alumnae made their way to the entrance and to the room reserved for their gathering. Hugs, plentiful smiles, photos and greetings of all sorts accompanied the former students of Putnam Catholic Academy who immediately found their classmates and settled at the awaiting tables.

The exchanges continued and grew in intensity and joviality while raffle tickets to defray expenses for the event, were sold and bought by all who hoped their lucky number would be drawn and they would bring home either fall floral arrangements, mystery novels, Christmas angels, a basket of gourmet snacks and/or a wine taster’s delight.

After joining in prayer to remember classmates called to the Lord during this past year and to call upon our good God to bless all in attendance, a delightful hearty meal (roast beef, turkey, scrod) was enjoyed amid lively conversation.

Dessert was preceded by a short ceremony to honor those present who were celebrating an anniversary year of their graduation from the Academy.

Group photos followed the dinner and by 4 pm folks were on their way home momentos and/or door prize or raffle surprise in hand.  The joyful laughter and sharing echoed throughout the parking lot as promises were made to meet again on September 13 of next year to rejoice in one another’s company, to make new memories and to share the spirit of unity that has always characterized PCA students and alumni.

For more information about the annual PCA reunion and to assure you get on our mailing list, please contact our Development Office at or call Dr. Gauthier at 860 928-0891 ext 148. Do it today so you do not miss out on the fun in 2020.

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