Sunday afternoon of October 6th found 5 new women interested in the DHS Associate program ready to begin the first phase of their “boot camp” or formation/training as potential members of this branch of the congregation, gathering at the DHS Administrative Office building.

They were not alone. Joining them in support and welcoming were several Daughters of the Holy Spirit and other Associates.

Once Diane, Marian, Kathy, Sandra and Paulette had been duly recognized and welcomed, Sr, Marian St. Marie offered a short prayer and then everyone else in attendance took the time to introduce herself.

The keynote presentation “The Call to Holiness”, was given by Sr. St. Marie as well. In her exposé she underlined the primary role of the baptismal call, the moment that prepares us for all other faith responses in our lives. Marian pointed out the importance of getting used to listening to the Spirit in our daily lives and of creating those moments of silence that will allow us to truly hear the inspiration of that same Spirit as we strive to live our lives following in the footsteps of Christ, the Servant of all for the greater glory of the Trinity. The candidates and all present were reminded that as they journey together in the Spirit of Pentecost their lives will more and more reflect the joy of the Spirit of service and dedication to others who interact with us on a regular basis.

Time for questions and short discussion was afforded, and for sure, break time with delightful refreshments, was converted easily into moments of deeper sharing for all.

Although everyone wished they could continue their initial sharing, the session concluded with lots of hugs and thanks and the promise to meet again for session # 2 on December 15th when Associate Dr. Diane Summa and Sr. Blanche Cadotte will join forces to develop the themes of the DHS Charism and History.

For more information on our DHS Associate program, please check out our website.

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