Our DHS new administrative offices share an entrance and parking lot with two other businesses: the Probate Court and 1st American Home Loans.

While many a friendly smile and hello at a distance had been exchanged since April, the staff and administration of the three entities had never spent any quality time up close and personal.

So it was that on Thursday, December 12th, personnel from the three offices gathered at the Daughter of the Holy Spirit center for a Christmas themed luncheon.

An initial tour of the facility was conducted by Sr. Gertrude, Provincial Team Leader and visitors and home-folk alike follwed the wafting aromas into the dining room where lively conversation ensued over a variety of delightful luncheon foods and, of course, desserts.

As difficult as it was to conclude this time together, work beckoned for all three groups, and little by little everyone returned to an afternoon of tasks and appointments with the verbal and tacit understanding that somehow this ‘common luncheon’ would be repeated in one form or another.

The gathering clearly made all attendees feel comfortable and secure as we got to know our neighbors a little better and to confirm that our missions do converge in so far as we are all in the business of helping others.

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