The week of March 8 – 14 has been set aside to honor Catholic Sisters around the world for their dedicated service to humankind. This service, which is as multifaceted as there are religious women, has endured and persevered through the best and the worst of circumstances, in spite of challenges beyond our wildest imagination, because of the love and faith that fuels and nourishes it. It is a service that enriches the world as a whole and one whose absence would quickly make the world a much poorer and arid place. It is a service that at times seems obsolete and at other times seems to be a re-introduction to the true meaning of giving so that others may live now and into new life.

As we remember those religious women who touched our lives in any way, years ago or just yesterday, let us pause to thank our good God for the gift they have been to us and ask that the Spirit bless each and every one of them so that they be inspired to face the ongoing challenges and to forge ahead creatively in their efforts to bring the living Christ to the world near and far so that their shining yet simple example  continue to be a beacon of life and light, of fortitude and simplicity, of serenity and long suffering to each other and to anyone who interacts with them in any way whatsoever.

Thank you, Daughters of the Holy Spirit, for giving yourselves selflessly to those to whom you are sent.  May the Spirit of Love, joy, pace and goodness rekindle the fire of your zeal that you may continue to share the Living Christ with the world.  You have served well and long, near and far.  Let your light shine on to effect clarity and vital transformation into the cosmic Christ in you and those you serve so faithfully.

A joyful and blessed week to each of you, Sisters.

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