“That all may have life to the full”.  How often have we heard these words or some variation of them over the years?

Life, a good and free life, is the goal of humankind.  No matter how we express it, we all seek to live well, long and, forever.

Lent is a super opportunity to focus on the real meaning of life, our life and that of others.  After all, that is just what Christ did, isn’t it? The Gospels attest that he spent his few years on earth concerned about others and about teaching them to make the most of their time on this planet to better themselves and to help others make correct and wise choices.  Christ modeled the way life is intended to be lived: simply, without frills or concerns for petty material goods.  Christ lived in truth and in the light of the Spirit of God, the Spirit he left us to strengthen and to enlighten us in our choices for life.

As we move through this mid point of our lenten experience this year, let us recall that the Light of Christ surrounds us and embraces us and leads us ever towards life, genuine life in Christ and for others.  Let us reflect on where that living light comes from for us at this time of our lives, how we recognize it, how we utilize it, how we share it with those we meet.  And then, let us give thanks to the Triune God for this radiant experience and let us ask for the gift of sharing it joyfully and enthusiastically with others, especially with those with whom we find it difficult to communicate. Finally, let us remember that at the end of our life will come the perfect Light to lead us into Life eternal hand in hand with Christ our light, our life and all those upon whom this same light has shone.  How are we living Christ this week into Light and Life?

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