Having resolved to find ways in which to live Christ in our simple everyday actions and to remember that we are the extension of Christ’s body and spirit to and for others, we focus all the more on our common goal: Easter and the new life it represents.

It is considered good practice in all walks of life to have some process for evaluating our daily activities and to assess outcomes so as to be better able to adjust and forge ahead in a growthful manner. Thus each day allows us to improve and to approach our goals more steadily and securely.

In an effort to grow in faith, hope and love on the path of our Lenten opportunity let us use the following questions at the end of each day for the next couple weeks to measure our progress as we advance towards the Light of Easter.  Perhaps our daily responses will be a telltale sign of our conviction that we are indeed imitating Christ and bringing his values and aspirations to all who touch our lives, near and far, young and old, healthy and ill, sad and joyful, faith-filled and despairing, etc., etc., etc.

  • Who were the Scribes and Pharisees in my life today and did I deal with them in a Christ like manner?
  • Who was Pontius Pilate in my life today and how did I respond?
  • Was I Pontius Pilate in someone else’s life today and how did that correspond to the Christ within me?
  • Was ’my kingdom’ of this world today? If so, how did it benefit others and glorify God?
  • Did I choose to ‘crucify’ someone today? How did that fit into my plan to ‘live Christ’ in word and deed?
  • What is Truth for me? Did I practice it as I lived Christ today?
  • Were there any ‘denying Peters’ in my life today? What was my Christ response to them?
  • Was I a ‘denying Peter’ to anyone today? What does Christ in me want to do next?
  • Did I feel abandoned by God today? How? When? Why? Did I react in a Christ-like way? How could I better react the next time?
  • Did I have an ‘Easter moment’ today? How did that reveal my Christ persona to me and to others?

Spirit of the Living Christ, fall afresh on us and lead us to the transformation of Easter.

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