The Daughters of the Holy Spirit of the US Province are taking their international dimension to a new level. In a spirit of genuine collaboration with our Sisters in Nigeria we are participating in a Mission Appeal throughout various parishes in the USA.

One of these parishes is that of The Resurrection of the Lord Parish in the northern Maine city of Old Town. The connection dates back a few years when the brother of one of our Nigerian Sisters was stationed in that diocese. He had invited his sister to come speak to the parishioners about the DHS work and projects in Nigeria. The visit was successful in cultivating the seeds of the international dimension of the Congregation and yielded some much needed financial support.

This year Covid-19 prohibited any face to face encounters so the practical solution was the generation of a video presentation. Thus by clicking on the video button you will meet Sr. ANNE OKOZI who will accompany you in an up close and personal visit with the DHS Nigerian apostolate. We trust you will enjoy your time with the Sisters in Africa’s most populated country and realize that it is indeed a small world across which we are all invited to hold hands for the good and advancement of one and all.

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