Saturday’s sunny and fairly dry conditions were perfect to encourage folks to come to the DHS Center in Putnam to participate in a Meet and Greet event to welcome new candidates to our DHS Associate Branch Formation Program.

New names and new faces quickly grew familiar as the social evolved. Smiles responded to smiles and warm greetings were exchanged as guests were invited to share a multitude of goodies and refreshing beverages that intrinsically helped to break the ice and make everyone feel at ease.

Pat Krodel, Associate Moderator, welcomed one and all and assured a clear and interesting presentation of the day’s schedule.

A short prayer, inviting everyone’s participation, led into a general description of the various steps of the Formation Program that will officially begin on September 17th and conclude on May 5th. The Covenant ceremony is scheduled to take place on May 19th at 2 pm.

The Associate Branch of the Congregation is composed of women and men, lay single or married folks and clerics who identify with the Charism or essential purposes of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit, and are seeking new ways of living it in their daily lives.

In attendance were representatives from the Sisters (apostolic religious), the Consecrated Seculars and Associates.  

For more information about your possible membership in our DHS Associate Branch simply contact  either Patricia Krodel at or Muriel Bingham at You may also check out our web site under Our Current Profile. Our Associate Branch is also easily accessible to those living on the West Coast by contacting Irma Navarro at or Burt Smith at

The new candidates from left to right: Patty Langer, Sharon Leighton, Sarah Lussier, Michelle DeSalvio, Rev. Lin McGee

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