Once again the Arts and Crafts group under the able direction of Lea Rzeznikiewicz has set its sights on decorating a multitude of nooks and crannies at the Provincial House in Putnam.

The group that meets regularly has undertaken a flower construction project whose aim is to beautify designated areas of the Provincial House and create a pleasant decor for residents and visitors alike.

The quartet has been hard at work fabricating flowers of various shapes, sizes and colors to match background settings or simply to satisfy their own personal sense of esthetics.

The house is large, the nook s and crannies numerous and the artists are dedicated and determined. We can be certain that flowers, similar to those in the photos, will soon be noticeable to anyone walking through the hallowed halls of this building that has been home to the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the Putnam Province for 101 years. On your next visit, be sure to take time to notice the flowers and to congratulate the budding artists. By the way, can anyone guess what Sr. Clémence’s favorite color is?

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