At 10:00 a.m. promptly on November 30th the Sisters in residence at the Provincial House, administrators and staff gathered  at the Visitors’ Lounge where a nearly bare pine tree patiently waited.

Sr. Paula Despathy, house coordinator, welcomed the group and proceeded to lead the blessing of our traditional Giving Tree.

The first decoration was a gift that had been received from the Alice Lloyd College for a donation the Sisters had offered for their Student Work Program.

After placing the ornament on the tree, Sr. Madeleine explained why the gift had been sent to the DHS.

Everyone in attendance was invited to help dress our awaiting tree, and,  low and behold, a few minutes later, our pine stood majestically in charge of the room accompanied by its angel of glad tidings to welcome a multitude of gifts of various kinds of cosmetics for the families and individuals served bu the Interfaith Services of Putnam.

Of course, the tree blessing and decorating party was followed by tasty treats and beverages prepared by our kitchen staff.

Now the expectation starts to mount as we all eagerly enter into the excitement of watching the colorful packages multiply.  The gifts will be presented to members of the board of the ISHP after the noon meal on Friday, December 14th.

Once again, Christmas time offers each one of us the opportunity to enter into the real spirit of the season and share our joy, our hope and our gifts of all kinds with others in the name and honor of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus.

A meaningful Adventing and a

special Christmas to all joyful givers.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

How lovely is your inspiration!

If you are planning to come to the Provincial House within the next two weeks, we invite you to deposit your colorful Christmas gift at the base of our lovely Giving Tree.

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