Easter has arrived but how different this year is. Throughout our world people are living a new reality. But now at this moment let us go back in time to that first Easter. What might it have been like? Jesus’ followers were in fear. After the terrible events of the arrest, trial, scourging, and crucifixion of their Master and friend, they were terrified. They huddled together, hiding lest they too would suffer the same fate as Jesus. The followers of Jesus faced an uncertain future, not knowing what would come next.

Now fast forward to April 2020! We too are hunkered down, closed up in fear, trying to escape the corona virus. Remember what happened at that first Easter. Jesus, all glorious, rose from the dead. Darkness was dispelled! The Light of the risen Christ shone throughout. Let us ponder  this as we observe our present Easter. We know not when; we know not how – but the light of God’s love and care will shine through! Easter will happen! Let each of us then, continue to live in the Light and keep on bringing God’s  Light to our world. In the words of the prayer at the lighting of the Easter candle at the Easter vigil: “May the  light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.” May the blessings of the Risen Christ be with everyone!


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