International Catholic Sisters Week is highlighted annually from March 8-14 around the world. To launch and honor the event the Associates of the DHS decided to host/sponsor a luncheon for the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the local area at the DHS administration building in Putnam.

Pat Krodel, coordinator, and Muriel Bingham co-coordinator of the Branch arrived early with their crew of Associates, sleeves rolled up and ready to work. It wasn’t long before the Grande Salle was transformed into an inviting dining room with buffet table and lovely trimmings.

Hugs and merry greetings abounded as the Sisters arrived ready and eager to profit from this lovely occasion.

Once everyone was seated comfortably Krodel addressed the assembly with a simple expression of gratitude and appreciation to the DHS for the tangible and visible way in which they continue to touch the lives of so many at various levels while clearly following in the footsteps of their foundresses Marie Balavenne and Renée Burel and sharing the Order’s charism of love and service. Pat’s tributes were expressed as a prayer of thanksgiving and concluded with all participants praying the words penned by Sr. Marian St. Marie before her unexpected passing into life eternal a couple years ago.

We women of Spirit listening together,
women of Spirit journeying together,
women of Spirit praying together,
we beseech you O Spirit, lead us as we
journey together as
Spirit-filled women, Spirit-led women.
We, women of Spirit listening to the
call to embrace
DHS Mission and witness to God’s
justice, hope, and love.

A delightful lunch of soups and salad followed topped off with the sharing of a beautifully decorated cake provided by Associate Dr. Diane Summa.

The constant buzz of conversation and laughter filled the room as guests and hostesses exchanged news, reminisced and broached a multitude of topics. One such topic that fit nicely under the day’s theme of caring for the earth and for oneself was the donation coffer that has become a tradition at this yearly event. This year’s donation is going directly to the Mission of the Edmundite Fathers in Selma, Alabama to help victims of recent tornadoes.

It seemed that all hesitated to bring the gathering to closure as little by little Sisters made their way to the parking lot on a gorgeous sunny March midafternoon.

As the Associates worked together to pick up after the luncheon, Pat Krodel commented that she was very pleased and satisfied with the event and that she had felt a profound attitude of camaraderie at the gathering. “It was fitting that the day coincided with International Women’s Day. It was nice to just sit and relax and get to know one another better without the pressure of deadlines and tasks to accomplish. It was a real expression of friendship and caring for one another. We appreciate and love our Sisters and this day gave us the opportunity to honor them and all they have been and done over the years.”

The photos show the group in attendance as well as some individual moments of the celebration.
For more information about the DHS Associates on the East Coast you may contact Patricia Krodel at

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