And when the women entered the sepulcher He was not there… Shock… surprise… fear… brain paralysis… disorientation… then a voice of reassurance: He has gone before you…go tell the others…HE LIVES

All who have journeyed through 40 days of soul-searching, and adaptation to the essential meaning of LENT to our daily routines and eventually discovering more deeply that true joy and happiness are found only to the measure we remain open to our God’s designs for us and our response to the needs of  others and on our trust that new LIFE is indeed possible if we BELIEVE,

And on the third day He rose from among the dead and offered us new LIFE and PEACE that is unlike any other…and we say thanks, take a deep breath and begin anew our Emmaus journey to find our Lord at the end of the day. Let us move forward in LOVE and FAITH together and thus be living proof that He is alive and well in our topsy turvy world.


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